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Motor Vehicle Charges

Our firm is thoroughly familiar with what is commonly referred to in Tennessee as the "rules of the road" — the laws associated with operating a motor vehicle. Do you need to signal when passing? Do you have to turn on your blinker? Are your vehicle's windows too tinted? The police often use these and other laws to their advantage and your detriment.

Motor Vehicles as Deadly Weapons

Additionally, according to Tennessee state law there are dozens of criminal offenses that involve motor vehicles. Motor vehicles are frequently referred to by prosecutors as "deadly weapons" in these types of cases and can enhance other criminal offenses you have been charged with, increasing your potential range of punishment. Don't let trumped-up charges destroy your future. Hire a criminal defense lawyer with a broad range of experience and notable record of success.

If you have been charged with any offense involving a motor vehicle. We have the skill and knowledge you need to protect your reputation in a Tennessee court.

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