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What is an arrest warrant?

In the state of Tennessee, an arrest warrant is simply a document signed by a judge or court clerk that allows an official to detain the subject of the warrant. Whether your concern is bail or being in the Just Busted paper, contact Attorney Kenneth Redditt today for the legal advice you need to intelligently and competently handle an old or outstanding arrest warrant against you in the state of Tennessee.

I have an arrest warrant in Tennessee. What should I do?

If you are the subject of an arrest warrant in the state of Tennessee, it is crucial that you read the following information. Do not go and turn yourself in on an outstanding warrant without first consulting our office. Any lawyer would advise their client to have an attorney retained before turning themselves in at the jail. What happens if they don't let you out?

You can have an arrest warrant against you for a variety of offenses — even something like a missed court date following a traffic ticket. Just because you forgot a court date or misplaced a summons does not make you a criminal. If there is a warrant out with your name on it, don't hesitate to retain legal counsel right away.

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